Upgrades to Your Jeep XJ Cherokee

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The Jeep XJ is without a doubt one of the most popular SUVs on the market today. It has everything a new driver could ever want from an all-around good car. And it has everything the old driver could ever want from an all-around good vehicle. There is nothing about this car that screams “old.” In fact, when you look at it you might think that the first model was around twenty years old.

Myths About First Off-Road SUV

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Some still think the 1994 Toyota RAV4 is the first off-road SUV. But if you look at history, you will notice that it wasn’t really the innovative Jeep XJ’s innovative design that really inspired all the other vehicles that followed it after it. The real innovation was in how the different models and generations of jeeps could all use the same standardized parts. You may be saying to yourself, “so what, I don’t need to replace my windshield when the whole world gets a new one?”

Think about your everyday utility vehicle. You have a truck bed with a tonneau cover, a hitch for hauling a trailer behind, a grill for eating out, and so on. Think about the Wrangler, the Grand Cherokee, or the Chevy Cavalier. If you had to replace anything in these vehicles it would be the tires, the fenders, or perhaps the engine. So, why is it that when it comes to the all-time best SUV the Jeep XJ still doesn’t have the best interiors?

Create A Home Equity Amount

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Well, like most of these vehicles the Jeep XJ is based off of the Ford pickup truck. It shares its platform with the very popular SUV, but it also has its roots firmly planted in the family of small cars. In other words, the Jeep XJ has been around for a long time, but until recently has only had one facelift – or at the most, a minor redesign. This has caused the XJ line of Jeeps to be stuck in a low profile, not to mention boring standard paint color.

This is not the case with the latest model year Jeep XJ. The front end of this popular four-door family sedan is completely redesigned with a sleeker body line, improved air flow, and a host of new features. Gone are the plastic panels that cover the front air vents and the windshields. In their place are classy chrome doors that allow for better ventilation and clearer vision while driving.

Things To Take Care Of

Along with the front end changes, the all new replacement fenders and tail lamps have been redesigned for the latest XJs. There is a new ‘floating’ design attached to the fenders that are reminiscent of the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee’s floater tail lamps. At the same time, the new chrome headlight covers have been moved up higher, to help reduce aerodynamic heat buildup under the car. The new Jeep XJ Grand Cherokee also features a new, higher, softer top mounted tire that should help improve fuel mileage as well. Finally, the new XJ Cherokee Limited offers a larger variety of available options including the ability to replace most factory bumpers with a different color.

Final Words

As for the rest of the exterior of your Jeep XJ Cherokee, the same Jeep Cherokee parts have been retained. Standard alloy wheel housings, bumpers, front and rear bumper cover, a grille, and chrome-plated exhaust fans help give the Jeep XJ Cherokee its distinctive look. Jeep’s all-weather floor mats, superior rain-grip material, and dual-zone climate control help make the Jeep XJ Cherokee a great all-around vehicle.

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