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Top 10 Tips Of Driving Jeep Wrangler In Rain

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Jeep Wranglers are an excellent go-to option for a fun-filled ride with friends or family. Who would say no to the most enjoyable hyperrealistic 4D nature trip? As much as mother nature loves flaunting her best features, Wrangler drivers are apprehensive about one of those: rain. And at times, driving while listening to the poignant sounds of the rain can be healing. Luckily, there are steps that can get you to cruise in this blissful, yet thought-provoking showers. Here are the top 10 tips of jeep wrangler driving in the rainy weather.

Always check the weather update.

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The most basic tip is to always check for weather updates as a preventive measure before taking your Wrangler out for a ride. It is significantly similar to checking the weather before you leave the house to know if you should bring an umbrella or not. You can probably play under the mild torrents of rain but getting the interiors of your Wrangler will take the fun out of the day, or maybe, upcoming weeks.

Planning your route helps.

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In reality, rains don’t stop people from driving somewhere. Plan your route after checking the weather update. Knowing which roads to take and which ones to avoid can work to your advantage.

Put the soft-top back on.

In case you missed the weather news and drove in a downpour, put the soft-top back on to get the rainwater away from the dash seats. This should go without saying, unless your Jeeping is missing its top, which is highly unlikely.

Use a bikini top.

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Using a bikini top, not the skimpy one people wear on the beach, is a good tip in jeep wrangler driving as it protects the interior from various elements of nature. Putting this on prevents water from getting into the dash.

Keep your distance on the road.

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While driving, ensure to keep a reasonable driving distance, at least a three-second gap from the vehicle ahead and more when driving at faster speeds.

Use your hazard lights responsibly.

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Using hazard lights during a heavy downpour is a standard error among drivers. Not only was this not necessary unless there is a stalled vehicle, but it might also confuse other drivers on the road.

Use headlights instead.

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If you are concerned with your Jeep’s visibility during heavy rain, use the headlights instead. This is not only for you to see the roads well but also to ensure that other drivers can see your vehicle.

Signal early.

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Signaling at least 30 meters before commencing to change lanes or turn is incredibly necessary to help drivers know what you’re about to do.

Slow down if in low visibility.

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Besides this, you can also move your gaze slightly away from the oncoming headlights or adjust the rearview mirror to lessen the next car’s glare.

Keep your Wrangler in excellent condition.

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Make sure that your lights, tires, brakes, and wipers are in working shape. Don’t miss your Jeep’s periodic tune-ups and maintenance.

It is understandable to be apprehensive about driving your car in the rain. But with these tips in jeep wrangler driving, feel confident, and enjoy the ride.

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