Some Common Problems That Can Make Your Jeep Not Start -

Some Common Problems That Can Make Your Jeep Not Start

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Jeep dies while driving won’t start every time you switch on the ignition and even when the vehicle is still in motion. The problem is a very common one and it affects more vehicles than you think. Here are some of the symptoms that your jeep may be dying while driving and how to find out what is wrong.

You Start Your Jeep But It Doesn’t Start 

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This happens most of the time especially in cold weather when the engine gets cold but never in rainy or snowy weather. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and that the alternator is properly functioning. If you have a dead battery, the problem will lie with the alternator. This can easily be rectified by simply replacing the dead battery.

My jeep starts but doesn’t stop? – This is a very serious problem which you must take care of as soon as possible. It means that the engine has over-worked and will not be able to work properly. Your first step should be to check the fuel line and the carburettor. If these are not working properly, then it is obvious that your Jeep’s engine has problems and will not start.

My Jeep Starts But Doesn’t Stop

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This is an even more serious problem and you should take it very seriously. The manual should have an emergency start button somewhere. Push it firmly and immediately look for a warning light that says something like “Called to Hold”. Once this light appears, you should take action immediately.

My Jeep dies while driving and won’t start? – This is a very serious problem and the first thing you should do is check the power source and the battery. There might be a fault in the power source or the battery so either of these needs to be checked. If you suspect the battery is the problem, add some fluid to the battery. If the power source is not the problem, then there might be another issue with your vehicle’s starter.

My Jeep Won’t Start At All

If your vehicle refuses to start at all, then one of the following problems could be causing it. If you have a bad drain hose or the timing belt is badly worn, then this could be the problem. If the starter is bad, then you will need to have the timing belt replaced. Other problems such as a bad starter relay, problem with power steering, exhaust system or overheating may also cause your jeep not to start.

My Jeep won’t start despite warming up? – You might have a problem with the air conditioner either. Another problem could be the temperature sensor. If this is the case, then you should replace the radiator.

Bottom Lines 

Why is my Jeep failing to start when driving? – Sometimes, a problem in the electric components or the ignition switch can also cause the vehicle not to start at all. You should keep in mind that these are not electrical problems. Some of the other reasons why your Jeep won’t start include power steering pump failure, battery fault and the problem can even be caused by the airbag not deploying. These are some of the major reasons why Jeep fails to start.

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