Kids Jeep Off Road Driving Experience

jeep off road driving experience

Jeep off-road driving is a great way to get a feel for off road driving. There are some simple tips you can follow to make your Jeep off road driving more enjoyable. The first thing you want to do is go to driving school. Most driving schools have a program designed for new drivers. This program gives new drivers the skills they need to perform well on the open road and it gives them a chance to make some good friendships.

Beginning Of The Jeep Off Road Driving Experience

A car parked on the side of a mountain

In the beginning of your driving experience, you will be taught safety techniques. Many Jeep drivers do not get out on the trails until they have accumulated several thousand miles of driving. Because of this, when you enroll in your new driver education courses, you should have already been familiar with the basics of driving safety.

Many Jeep owners start their driving courses with a goal in mind – they want to build up their driving skills so they can take their Jeep off-road and trail it. The first thing you can do is participate in a Jeep trails run. There are plenty of these available in the United States. To find the nearest one, try our Best Western Motel in Florence, AL. Each trail run is about three hours long and you can easily spend a few days exploring them and getting good all weather driving skills.

Work On Your Jeep Driving Skills With Easy Off Road Driving Tricks

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In addition to participating in trail runs, you can take some time to work on your Jeep driving skills with some easy off road driving tricks. One of the most popular tricks is the French kiss. The French kiss is simple to learn and requires no more technical skills. It involves a slow steady pace and a lot of smiles. If you are looking for a great family friendly trick, this is it.

Another great way to build your driving skills is to participate in a hunt. Hunt vacations are a very popular activity for Jeep owners. Booking one of these hunts is fairly easy to do. You can search our site for “Jeep trail hunting” or “Jeeper’s hunting vacations”. If you live near an RV campground, there may even be a special hunting area close by.

Special Hunt For Jeep Fans

In early April, we will be offering a special hunt for jeep fans. We will be taking the vehicle out on Monday, April 3rd from Anderton to Whitewater City. This will be a short but intense two day affair and we will have a lot of Jeep parts and accessories to give out to all our guests as well as some awesome Jeep rides. This will be a real eye catcher for all those that visit our facilities in May.

From May until the middle of June we will be running another great event called the Egg Hunt. This is going to be a huge success with over 1000 visitors expected to partake in this fun event. The key to a successful egg hunt is location. For our Anderton boat lift in northern New Mexico, we will be taking our Jeep out to the famous south western Egg Rock and the famous Rabbit Rock.


These locations are only a few minutes drive away from our facilities so all our guests will be able to participate and enjoy their stay at our facilities. So whether your child has just started with their jeeps or you’ve had yours for many years, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make sure your child has a truly memorable time while enjoying the great outdoors. So, come on and book your tickets to click here.

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