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Just a Perfect Combination to Meet Your Needs, Clearly Labeled for Easy Identification! Check This!

Magnetic sensors are solid-state devices that produce electrical signals proportional to the magnetic field they are exposed to. A user-specific electronic circuit then processes these electrical impulses to produce the desired output. An external magnetic field activates these Hall Effect Sensors. The Sensor detects when the magnetic flux density in the vicinity of the Sensor exceeds a predetermined threshold. The Sensor generates an output voltage, also known as Hall Voltage when it detects something.

Magnetic sensors nowadays are capable of responding to a wide variety of magnetic fields. The Hall Effect Sensor, for example, is a magnetic sensor whose output (voltage) is a function of magnetic field density. The Hall Effect Principle underpins the Hall Effect Sensor. According to this concept, when a conductor or semiconductor with a current flowing in one direction is placed perpendicular to a magnetic field, a voltage can be measured at right angles to the current path.

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Compac And Adaptable Devices

The magnetic field from a constant magnet or an electromagnet operates these compact and adaptable digital Hall-effect devices designed to respond to alternating North and South poles. Internal circuitry is designed to prevent sensor damage if the supply voltage polarity is unintentionally reversed. The built-in regulator provides greater stability of operation over a 4.5 Vdc to 24 Vdc supply voltage range. A wide range of electronic circuits can be easily interfaced with the open-collector sinking output voltage. 

The function of these sensors necessitates both positive and negative magnetic fields. The Sensor is activated by the positive magnetic field of the magnet’s the South Pole, and it is released by the negative magnetic field of the magnet’s the North Pole.


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Model Number: OH41F

Application: Other

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They can be utilized for various sensor applications, including position detecting, speed sensing, and movement direction detecting.

• Because they are solid-state electronics, there is no wear and tear because there are no moving parts.

• They require almost no upkeep.

• They are durable.

• They are vibration, dust, and water-resistant.



• They can’t detect current flow across a distance of more than 10 cm. The only way to resolve this problem is to utilize a powerful magnet to generate a large magnetic field.

• Because external magnetic fields might alter the values, the accuracy of the measured value is always an issue.

• Conductor resistance is affected by high temperatures. This will alter the mobility and sensitivity of charge carriers in Hall Effect Sensors.


A magnetic field activates Hall Effect sensors, and in many applications, a single permanent magnet coupled to a moving shaft or device can control the device. There are several distinct sorts of magnet detecting movements, including “Head-on,” “Sideways,” “Push-pull,” and “Push-push,” among others. To guarantee maximum sensitivity, magnetic lines of flux must always be perpendicular to the sensing region of the device and of the correct polarity, regardless of the design.

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