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dodge suv

One of the growing trends in vehicles today is the Dodge SUV. With an all-American brawny look, the Dodge SUV provides the perfect blend of practicality and rugged reliability. Every Dodge SUV on the list offers a different level of functionality, from quiet and safe to highly adventurous and powerful, right for the American family who wants to commute on the road in comfort. From everyday to weekend adventures, the Dodge SUV delivers the strength you expect in a family car. With a variety of styles, models, and options, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

New V8 Engine

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The all new Dodge SUV range-on models are built around the Dodge Ram line of engines, with the new V8 engine set to deliver power in a sporty yet refined package. The new Dodge models offer sleek and refined styling to match the Dodge Ram reputation for being a dependable, strong, and reliable drive. The standard version of the Dodge SUV comes with a standard 2.3-liter sixteen-cylinder gasoline engine, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The models with the Grand Caravan and Superbird also include a powerful four-cylinder gasoline engine, but with an automatic transfer system.

Another way that Dodge durango suvs give you good value for money is through its sturdy and well-equipped interior. The new Dodge Grand Caravan and Superbird include the previously mentioned eight-speed transmission and a standard roof mounted hard top. Both of these models use power-deflecting aluminum front and rear bumpers, along with side and front seat side airbags as standard features.

Family Travel Companion

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If you’re seeking the ultimate family travel companion, the new Dodge Durango SUV is the model for you. With plenty of room all around, the sun can comfortably transport up to six adults, although it’s not uncommon to see seven or eight passengers travelling in some of the cheaper models. The standard size of the suv remains the large sedan, although the newest model has a seating just three people. As the name suggests, the new Durango has a rather huge gas engine in it, which will most likely be coupled with a wide range of horsepower from a Dodge engine, including a turbocharger. This should mean no trouble getting around the roads in your new durango.

Lots Of Room

One of the best things about the new Dodge Durango is that it still offers lots of room. Although the front and rear seats are a little smaller than on some other suvs, the space beneath them is still quite spacious, and it will still allow enough room for a good amount of luggage. It will even fit three-seater cars in there, and in fact, if you need to carry cargo in your car when you’re on the road, you won’t have to do much differently. The Dodge suv is very family friendly and will easily fit in with the kinds of family journeys you’ll have on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

Though it is slightly bigger, the Dodge but does have plenty of trunk space, and it comes with a huge roof which is great for hauling. Overall, the Dodge Durango is one of the most practical and affordable cars on the market. The all-wheel drive will help you save some money on fuel costs, but the durability of the bodywork and the small number of accessories means that this is more than compensated for by the great handling and ride. Those interested in purchasing a used or new Dodge suv should definitely consider the suv model, as they are certain to get a car that is tough, reliable and very economical.

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