Accessorize Your 2021 Jeep Wrangler With Special Interior Features

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One of the most requested modifications for any Jeep Cherokee is the front and rear bumpers. A lot of people think that a sports bar or tire basket is enough to modify your Jeep. This is not the case; a Jeep Wrangler can also benefit from a series of exterior modifications to help improve its performance and appeal. Here’s a list of the most important and popular Jeep Cherokee enhancements.

Sports Bar A sports bar is a great addition to the exterior of your 2021 jeep wrangler. It is functional, stylish and a great place to entertain family and friends. The best part is that it can be done in a matter of minutes, so you won’t have to worry about having to wait until after work or school to get together. A sports bar includes a low, slanted bar for optimal intake of air, along with deep, circular lips that jut out at the end to aid in adding some low pressure.

2011 Jeep Wrangler

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Bluetooth Wireless System For the ultimate convenience, the Bluetooth wireless system for jeeps can be integrated into your dash. With built-in Bluetooth technology, you’ll have access to the hands-free operation of your car’s audio and video systems without taking your eyes off the road. Bluetooth-compatible car kits come with an adapter that connects your Bluetooth wireless device to your Jeep Cherokee’s factory stereo system, so you don’t need any additional speakers.

Limited Slip and Spring Door Bumpers If your everyday life includes lots of driving around with heavy loads, then consider upgrading your 2021 jeep’s front and rear axles to the Limited Slip and spring Door Bumpers. These bumpers are designed to minimize body damage, protect your passengers, and provide superior side-impact protection. Made of rugged aluminum, they feature a two-point tie-down strap to secure the bumper to your vehicle’s frame. Door handles are designed ergonomically to allow your hand to guide the door safely inside when it is closed. Available in black or grey, the Limited Slip and spring Door Bumpers are a great way to add value and safety to your vehicle’s exterior.

A Much Ado

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Power Steering Wheel Covers protect the finish of your jeep Wrangler while maximizing fuel economy. The covers are available in black, tan, and blue finishes to coordinate with your vehicle’s interior color. A power steering system is essential to getting the best performance from your jeep Wrangler. When you take delivery of your vehicle, you will notice that your tires have undergone extensive modifications. The tires have been tested under extreme conditions and are designed to handle extreme inputs, such as jumps, turns, and potholes, so you can enjoy a smooth drive every time you take delivery of your new vehicle.

Fabric Windows and Doors Windshields can be replaced with genuine leather for better fit and feel and comfort during your travels. The new aluminum frame, which is part of the refinishing process, allows easier movement of windscreen wipers. You can also upgrade your doors with new, double vinyl, fully locking window, and fiberglass-reinforced, locking interior hardware. The model year 2021 Jeep Wrangler continues to offer the most customizable and adaptable interior of any truck.

Center Console With all-weather mounting options, this feature can keep you drivable regardless of where you end up. The removable CD player mount allows you to connect your iPod and CD while driving which helps you stay connected on the road. Also available in leather and fabric, the center console also includes a power boost button to eliminate battery waste and the Jeep Wrangler’s standard seat fabric is waterproof to protect the interior in inclement weather.

Bottom Line

Heated Seats, You can now experience ultimate comfort and luxury while on the road thanks to Jeep’s new line of heated seats. All Jeep Wrangler models are available with a selection of premium heated seat fabric designs to suit your personal preference. Consumers have access to two main kinds of heated seat fabrics-theater and the non-thermoplastic. The theater-style seat is made of an ultra-plush, velvety fabric that locks in cool air to disperse body heat. The non-thermoplastic design is made of high-performance polyethylene that delivers maximum heat rejection and temperature control.

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